A Solivagant’s Shoes

Every Wanderer’s Shoes Have Wonderful Stories To Tell

Welcome to my blog

There isn’t a human who doesn’t long to travel.

Over a time we developed roots and settled, but everyday we have an urge to travel.

Just a click in the Home button and welcome to this solivagant’s mind and travel journeys .

8 Ways To Bring Out The Responsible Traveller Inside You

Have you ever thought about how to be a responsible traveller? Or how do you find if you are a responsible traveller? First, let us get to know who are all the responsible travellers… Responsible travellers are also known as a conscious travellers, who thinks about their actions while travelling, by understanding the impact theyContinue reading “8 Ways To Bring Out The Responsible Traveller Inside You”

Life Of A Hill

Living in a suburb surrounded by 5 small hills-the Panjapandava hills(that how we named it when we were kids), it’s the only happiest thing at that point with no shops close by, no schools close by or parks. Somehow out of everything we slowly realised the worth of it as we grew up. I amContinue reading “Life Of A Hill”

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