A basic travel opens door to meet good people

For a person like me traveling opened the door to observe and understand people. I love to travel by train. I know why. Cause it’s comforting. No matter how sad, angry, or anxious I am, when I get into the suburban train, I became quiet and calm. I always wondered why. Even if I am at the merge of losing my cool, a back and forth travel in suburban train makes me calm.

My mom once told me how and when it started. When I was a 5months old baby, once dad returns home from the office, he takes me a trip by train. It’s not only during that time. During weekends and also if I cry my dad immediately takes me in train and there I became quiet as a lamb.

I have met different people during my journey. Sweet chubby girl in class 1. I can’t forget her chubby cheeks. White-haired and smart looking, an old grandma who reads wonderful novels, who was later I get to know as a retired principal. And a tired woman ticket checker, who overslept and I waked her up, who later became my friend. High school kids who spend their entire journey talking smart stuff. There will be uncles who debate on politics and spirituality and uncles who fight with each other for useless things. There will be aunties who adjust and give places for girls standing, aunties who talk about Economy and human-rights and aunties who badmouth each other for accidentally stepping in each other’s feet. Also, the kind hardworking handicaps who sell burfi. Please, guys, get some burfi from these people. They are really sweet people and have much more manners. On a really bad day, we might encounter some drunkards and perverts too.

Apart from the suburbs, I have met lots of nice people on the metro train. I have met girls who share a smile with each other. A quiet kind glance from the people around, and meeting kind foreign guys who just makes us feel so energetic by their enthusiasm, and dads who carry their kids over their shoulders showing airplanes and buildings. These are sometimes a trademark of Metros in Chennai.

I decided to write this post is because I met a kind man last Saturday. I don’t usually take the bus. I find it insecure. I neither want to be molested or want to lose my phone. So I avoid traveling on buses as much as possible. But on Saturday I got on a bus due to a lack of share auto service. While my stop was nearing, I moved to the door trying to get in front of an old man. This Old man is the reason I wrote this post.

Recently, I have been encountering more and more bad, evil, and selfish people. So, I was feeling so much hopeless. I longed for finding a good human. I longed so hard. And this nice old man, is so tall, with a bald head with a few silver hairs. Looking at me while I was trying to push him aside… He pulled me back, told me, “Wait, Miss, wait, why are you rushing? What are you rushing for?, You still have lots of time to live, you have a long way to go”. I was perplexed. I was happy. I know I sound weird. But, I am so happy he said that. I am so happy he cares. He nagged the guy who was wearing headphones and blocking our way. He nagged him and got down. I started to follow this nice old man. I found something in him. It’s called humanity. He helped girls cross the road safely. He helped to move a girl’s luggage. He has this concern for us. I keep on following admiring him. He started to move faster. I tried to catch up with his speed and get acquainted with him so badly. But, I missed him.

I regret all those unsaid words. But someday, if I find him, I will tell him, how thankful I am. If you come across some good and kind people like him. Go up to and talk with them soon. Don’t delay like me. Just talk with them. Tell them thanks. Trust me, these people are the last. We won’t find people like them in our generation or in the future.

Published by NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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