Shoes of Spirit

We all define spirituality differently. I have a definition of my own too. In this page, I’ll be posting some contents that lift your spirit, some that talk about emotional wellbeing, some that talk about dream, and some that can make you feel comforting through philosophy. Most of them are based on my experience and from words of experts from the book I have read. Wait for it every month! And read it with a cup of comfort!

The Power Of WORDS

What do you think about Words? Have you considered words as something more than a language builder? How much value do you give to every word you say to others and yourself in everyday life? Don’t be annoyed by these pouring questions but try to casually think about it. Because I am going to tell…

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How to be responsible when it comes to Fashion?

When was the last time you checked the material of the clothes you bought? Every choice you and I make will impact nature in many ways. Yes, even with regards to fashion. Every clothes you decide to purchase will create a demand for a product that isn’t sustainable, which are bringing even more problems to…

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To Recover From The Past Memory Of Bully

Bullying, the term which was quite aware by a lot are also the word which I didn’t know about when I went through it. Bullying still happens a lot around in our country yet there are less people who are ready to address this issue. There is a fault at the system all along. When…

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